Organic Vegetable Starts For Sale

Organic Vegetable Starts

Organic Vegetable Starts

Organic vegetable starts are grown in organic soils. Organic vegetable starts are watered with rain water. They are even fertilized with organic fish and organic rabbit waste. We have been growing and selling these organic vegetable starts for 5 years now and every year it just keeps growing and growing. We are now taking orders early to ensure you get some of these magnificent plants before they sell out completely like they do every year. There is no cost to be put on the list. Just simply place your order and your plants will be ready when you are. Here are the plants we are selling for only $2 a piece.

Tomatoes: Ponderosa, Beefsteak, Super Beefsteak, Roma, Marglobe, Celebrity, Cherry, Brandywine, Better Boy, Big Boy.

Burpless Cucumbers

Burpless Cucumbers

Cucumbers: Burpless and Pickling

Squash: Black Beauty Zucchini, Straight-neck Yellow Squash, Crookneck Yellow Squash.

Peppers: Yellow, Red and Green Bell Peppers.

Buying these little plants will ensure that there are no GMO’s in your family’s vegetables. And the best part about it is if you buy from me this year you can get on my list for next year and get special discounts. Repeat buyers get better prices. Great healthy vegetables grown with pride and excellence using only the old fashioned ways of gardening, the way your grandpa did it. That’s where I learned. And then my father took over and taught me what he knew. And here I am today using the same techniques they used, plus a few of my own ideas.

Organic Vegetable Starts Customers For Life

Many of my customers are repeat customers. These people are the ones who make this all work. Therefore since they are helping me by coming back. I will be helping them with better prices and other offers. Organic vegetable starts are essential to a healthy garden and we take pride in the plants we grow. That is why they keep coming back. Give us a call and stop by to check it out. We’re sure that if you buy from us once you will be back next year and for many years to come.

Buy Organic Vegetable Starts In Bulk

We always offer the most requested organic vegetable starts and may even take special requests. Just make sure to get your order in early to get your special requests. The starts will be ready to go in a week(3/27/2016). We also offer bulk purchases of 1000 plants or more. Up to 10,000 plants or maybe more.

Organic Vegetable Starts and More

We even have many other plants to choose from besides organic vegetable starts such as Bamboo, water plants and perennials. We also offer landscaping services as well. We build great water features and waterfalls, we even dig lakes, ponds and streams. We also do hardscaping such as retaining walls, walkways, patios and other great stone features. To get your quote today give us a call (859)242-1602 Jeff Gabelman. Also check out our other products at our Amazon Store Read our reviews from verified Amazon customers and get the plants your really want.

Thank You

Jeff Gabelman


Greenhouse Secrets To Make Money Gardening

Greenhouse Secrets

Greenhouse Secrets

Greenhouse secrets are tips and tricks you can learn through gardening to make things easier and more productive. Greenhouse secrets are what you learn through doing this for many years. Every year you can learn new greenhouse secrets.  Now I will share some of my greenhouse secrets but not all of them. One thing is to get started as soon as possible to take advantage of the extra time you have to grow. In a greenhouse it is possible to start months earlier than you can outside. Because it is already warmer inside your greenhouse than it is outside. Giving you a head start on anyone who can only grow outside. There are many different plants that can be started right now 12/13/2015. Here is a link to show just how I do it.

Greenhouse Secrets You Can Learn By Doing

Now I am not going to tell you everything so you will have to decide on your own what plants you can start now. Plus everyone’s interests may be  different than mine. But my greenhouse is set up to grow vegetable starts so I still have to wait a couple more weeks before I will get mine started. But there are many different things I can do to get this started.

Greenhouse Secrets Getting Started

Greenhouse Secrets Getting Started

Like getting my beds ready for the big grow. And what I mean by that is I grow several different waves of garden vegetable starts. Because I grow them in bulk and transplant them to sell. It saves me space and I can grow thousands more at a time. This sets me up with plenty of work transplanting but it also gives me time to get them all transplanted. As soon as I have each bed of plants transplanted, I replant them again and so on and so on. While I am waiting for the new seeds to germinate I transplant the other beds and restart them as well.

Greenhouse Secrets To Increase Production

With contracts coming this year I will be able to sell them in bulk. The whole key to this is being able to sell them all. And you have to learn how to do that on your own. I do know that the harder you try the more you will sell. I use every option I have available to sell my plants and I sell them everywhere I try. So the more you do it the more you sell. You have to know your products though and this takes time and research. The more you do this the more you will learn I have learned more from doing it than I have researching it though. But I still do as much research on my plants as I can, because there may be something I am doing wrong or maybe something I missed.

Greenhouse Secrets Use It Or Lose It

Knowledge is power and power gets stronger the more you use it. If you become an expert from doing something, you will get the trust of potential customers that may very well become repeat customers. When you can stand behind your product because you know how it grows it truly helps you to become a better business. When you share that knowledge with others it gains you the respect of your potential customers. And you will more than likely become the reason they buy your plants over and over again. I mean wouldn’t you rather buy your plants from someone who guarantees their plants or someone who doesn’t? Would you rather buy your plants from someone who cares that your plants grow or someone who just wants your money and see ya? Would you rather buy your plants from someone who can tell you all about the plants you are buying? Or buy from someone who has to get help to tell you about the plants you want to buy? I would much rather buy from the grower himself because he grows these plants over and over again every year. He knows what these plants will do and how to get the best growth out of the plants. And the plants are not put on a shelf and watered to death. Our greenhouse secrets are learned from doing and making mistakes and succeeding where others have failed. We cannot be a success without failing some along the way. but one of my biggest greenhouse secrets is really no secret at all. It is organic gardening.

No Secret At All

Organic gardening is gardening the natural way with no man made fertilizers or treated water. Organic soils made from the earth and grass clippings, leaves and other organic composted materials. Using organic fertilizers such as fish waste, or farm animal waste. It is the olld school way of doing things and it has worked  for thousands of years. No reason to think it won’t work now. I use organic soil, rain water, and so far fish emulsion, and cow manure.

New Greenhouse Secrets To Come

This year I will be adding chicken manure to my list of organic fertilizer. As I am starting my own flock of chickens in 2016. As a hobby at first and then once I am incubating chicks I will go into full production. Selling eggs, chicks and chickens. And possibly chicken manure. I love this business and I couldn’t live without it. If you are into this kind of thing and would like to purchase the plants we sell. You can go checkout all of my products at my Amazon store